With the peak wedding season beginning, the newest wedding trends for 2018 have made their debut and are changing the face of weddings as we have known them. From dress trends to food, to gifts, to unique decor, the trends for 2018 are all about showing off your personality. Whether you are planning a wedding or are a trusted helper to the bride and groom, trying some of the new 2018 wedding trends below can make your wedding stand out this season.

Balloon Arches

Decor is taking on a whimsical approach with a change from full flower decor and lattice arches to elaborate balloon archways to say your vows beneath or enter onto the dance floor. Couples are also incorporating balloons in other areas of decor including elaborate overhead decor and even as fun additions on the dance floor.


Signature Dining

Though signature cocktails have been a popular trend for years at weddings the way has been paved for signature dining menus. Couples are choosing more unique menus and naming them to fit with their wedding theme or style to make their food memorable for their guests. Couples are also choosing his and hers menus option to provide more variety for their guests and allowing each of them to incorporate their favorite foods.

Unique Escort Cards

What used to be primarily for a function is now becoming a vital part of the wedding decor and theme. Escort cards are an area where couples can let their imagination fly, and they can provide their guests with a small gift while directing them to their seats, From flowers, to shot glasses, to wooden plaques there is no stop to the ideas you can turn into reality.


Cash Presents

With so many couples marrying later in life, the necessities such as home appliances and China are either well established or seldom utilized. Since most couples need cash to start out more than items for their home, asking for cash gifts is becoming a more acceptable tradition.


Wedding Dress Sleeves

Previous trends in wedding dresses saw most brides opting for strapless gowns or halters, but the trend in 2018 is a shift back to sleeves, though not always your traditional ones. Instead of fitted or cap sleeves new wedding gowns are sporting more lengthy arm covers typically wider and flowing.

Dessert Tables

While trends have been moving away from the traditional wedding cake for years to make way for new options such as donut towers and cupcake tiers, the new trend is to offer a wide variety of dessert selections sure to please anyone’s pallet by offering fully stocked dessert tables.


Non-traditional Invitation Mediums

In an increasingly technological world, many people appreciate the value of a physical invitation to an event. The new trend for this year to make your invitation unique and even more personalized is by creating your wedding invitation on non-traditional materials such as fabric or wood.

Choosing a Vibe Instead of a Palette

It used to be that when you first began the planning or your wedding you were supposed to decide on the colors you would have. These colors or color palette would be reflected in everything from flowers, to invitations, to the bridesmaid dresses, becoming an integral part of your wedding planning. Now instead of focusing an entire wedding around a color scheme, couples are instead choosing a vibe that they would like reflected through every aspect of their wedding such as rustic or retro.

Non-Traditional Venues

One of the biggest changes in trends for the upcoming year is discarding of traditional wedding venues. Hotels, parks, and banquet halls are being pushed aside for more unique venue options such as libraries, museums, and even weddings on the water aboard private charters.

Whether you are planning a wedding this year or one in the near future, follow the trends above to make your wedding unique, personable, and an event to remember.