Autumn in Minnesota is the perfect time to get married. With leaves of crimson and goldenrod adorning all of the trees, and their reflections casting off the water, it’s the perfect setting for romance and everlasting love. Fall brides who are getting married on board one of the Paradise Charter Cruise boats will want to take note of these wedding dress trends:

Simple is Powerful

When Meghan Markle walked down the aisle to become the Duchess of Sussex, everyone was impressed with her classic, simple wedding gown that was cut at just the right places. This momentous occasion emphasized the power of simplicity, which has brought this trend to the forefront of the fall wedding season. Wedding gowns of all shapes, cuts and styles have gotten back to the basics and prioritized simplistic, modern designs.

Capes Can Cut the Chill

One up-and-coming wedding trend that is perfect for fall brides who want to get married on the water in Minnesota is capes. Capes — whether they are short, lace capes or draping, satin capes — are all the rage this year. They are both functional and beautiful, giving a bride a regal appearance while also keeping her comfortable against the chilly fall air.

Autumn Hues Help Accent the Season

In today’s modern world, a bride can make her wedding dress anything that she wants it to be. This means that she doesn’t have to limit herself to the traditional white ball gown. In fact, many fall brides are opting for shimmering gold gowns or dusty rose dresses. These colors are ideal for fall, as they perfectly accent the gorgeous colors that can be found in the wilds of Minnesota during this fantastic season.

Pants Make it Perfect

This fall, your wedding dress doesn’t have to be a dress at all. For women who have never quite felt comfortable traipsing around in a princess-style gown, the pant suit trend is the answer they have been searching for. Many fall brides are finding chic wedding suits that are just as beautiful, elegant and formal as any dress. They make quite the statement for the nautical bride who wants to thoroughly enjoy her wedding day on the water.

Top it Off With a Bow

Rather than finding a gown with glittering rhinestones or shimmering sequins, the perfect accent for fall is the classic bow. A bow at the top of the neckline or near the waist is a feminine statement that adds a touch of glamour to any wedding dress.

No matter which dress you choose to wear for your fall wedding aboard one of our luxury charter cruise ships, your future spouse is sure to be in awe of you as you stroll down the deck. It’s sure to be the happiest day of your life, so make it your own by selecting the perfect dress to complement your one-of-a-kind wedding venue.

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