Sometimes you just can’t wait another minute to get hitched. Or at least, it feels that way. While many couples are engaged for a a year or more, if you simply don’t want to wait for another summer to roll around, there’s nothing wrong with planning a wedding sooner.

While short-term wedding planning does present its own challenges, it’s not as hard as you might at first think. Here’s your quick and dirty guide to hosting an impromptu wedding in 6 months or less, all without losing style and flair.

Book the Venue

Before you can plan the rest of your wedding, you have to know where it’s taking place. Time to nail down the venue. Do you feel like an indoor wedding or outdoor? Do you want the ceremony and reception to take place in the same venue, or are you committed to taking your vows inside a spiritual building, then celebrating your reception in a new destination? Ask yourself these questions before you begin searching.

Unfortunately for those planning the last-minute wedding, many places are filled up a year in advance or more, but you never know until you try. The good news? Here at Paradise Charter Cruises, we often have availability for the summer, so call and find out today! We offer cruises on the Mississippi River and Lake Minnetonka, as well as ceremonies in our bohemian gazebo. You can plan your ceremony or reception – or most commonly, both – against the beautiful backdrop of shimmering water. Our boats have lots of space for dining, dancing and cake-cutting … not to mention pledging your love.

Set Up a Quick Wedding Website

When planning a wedding short-term, information is even more key because you don’t really have time to call around and make sure Aunt Martha gets the meal option she wants. A wedding website is not only a great way to point guests toward your gift registry, which you should complete in advance, but is also a handy method for gathering RSVPs and food preferences. Add in a spot where guests can mark their intent to come or not come and take a quick “meat or veg” or “chicken or fish” survey for meal planning. Do this immediately after booking your venue or date.

Send Out the Invites

It’s very important when you’re on a short timeline that you don’t wait to send out your invitations. Guests often make summer plans, and some may have already filled up that time slot … in which case, hopefully you can give them enough time to reschedule. Even in 6 months or less, the best idea is still to send out save-the-dates, followed by invitations about 2 months before the wedding. Note your wedding website on your save-the-dates, and again on your invites, so guests can give you the facts you need.

Find a Caterer

Like venues, lots of caterers are also booked out well in advance. That’s okay; many are still available, so go with your first choices first. If you can’t find the food purveyors you want, consider looking at breakfast and lunch places instead of dinner joints. Many will cater wedding meals and can create some impressively elaborate dishes. Think mushroom eggs Benedict for a high-end option, or BLTs for a down-home affair. Bottom line: Don’t think dinner places are the only choice, because in a pinch, there are lots of others.

Get the Dress and Tux in Advance

It’s critical you get the dress far enough in advance that you can make all needed changes in plenty of time. Whether that means taking up a hem or letting out a bodice, slimming down a tux jacket or adjusting cuffs, you need to give yourself at least a month for all the changes.

Get in Touch to Learn More Today

Ready to learn more about a unique wedding venue with cool breezes, wood-paneled dining rooms, glamorous lighting and more? Get in touch with us here at Paradise Charter Cruises by calling 952.474.8058 or toll-free 888.559.8058. If you prefer, you can request information by email. Either way, don’t wait. The impromptu wedding of your dreams is just around the corner!