Already in the process of planning your wedding in 2019? Don’t miss out on these wedding trends that will be sure to make your wedding a day to remember!

1. Purple Reigns Supreme

Purple is a versatile color that comes in a wide range of hues, but it is becoming the go-to color for 2019 brides. Whether you’re considering a deep royal purple or a pastel lavender, you’ll find that this color is a top choice. Luckily, there are quite a number of brilliant flowers that come in this popular color palate.

2. Video Mapping

For the tech-savvy couple, video mapping is becoming an increasingly accessible trend. Video mapping allows brides to use projectors to transform their wedding hall or reception hall into just about any magical scene. Have you always wanted to get married at the ocean, but want to stay local so your friends and family can attend? Jump on a river or lake cruise and use video mapping to project the image of a beach all around you! This technology has been around for a while, but it’s becoming more readily available and a bit more affordable.

3. Mix-and-Match Groomsmen

Bridesmaids have already embraced the mix-and-match trend, but in 2019 it will become more common for groomsmen to do so as well. Colored suits, patterns, and even floral prints may be popping up at a wedding near you, and the groomsmen are more likely to coordinate than match completely. This trend is a fun one that will give weddings some added character.

4. Phone-Free Weddings

No bride wants her wedding photos ruined because of Uncle Bob’s cell phone held high overhead to capture a moment. Expect an increasing number of brides to request that their wedding guests put away their phones and other devices to enjoy the ceremony, and allow the photographer to do the job the bride is paying for. If you’re planning a 2019 wedding, try to think of a creative way to let your guests know that phones are not allowed in the ceremony hall.

5. Small Plates at Receptions

Instead of a formal sit-down meal, expect this season’s weddings to have a focus on small plates. This allows the couple to bring more flavors to the reception, limits the need to ask the guests for their preference over beef or chicken, and makes the wedding reception a bit more upscale and fun. Added courses with smaller plates simply feels more elegant.

6. Place Cards That Are More

Instead of just a card, the place card in a 2019 wedding is going to be a statement piece. It may even include the guest favor as part of the place card. Brides are going bigger and bigger, with towering place cards that will impress their guests, and make it easier for guests to find their seats.

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