It’s that time of year again when you recollect on how much your loved one means to you and how important it is to have them in your life. For many, Valentine’s Day means candy and flowers, but what the most important part of the holiday is, is to let your loved one know how much you care for and appreciate them. Sometimes the most romantic ways to say I love you don’t need to put a strain on your wallet.

Create a Romantic Fireside Meal

Surprise your loved one by creating their favorite meal and preparing it to serve cozied up in front of a warm fireplace. Not only will it be a welcomed treat when your loved one comes in from the cold, but it also can remind them that you know how special they are. Make sure to create an intimate setting with candles, comfortable pillows and blankets, and most of all a rolling fire.

Prepare a Day of Pampering

You don’t have to splurge on a spa day at the salon to pamper your loved one. Set aside a few hours of uninterrupted time to treat your loved one to a spa service at home. Start with a luxuriating bubble bath, wash and brush their hair, and treat them to a massage while they relax and listen to their favorite music.

Send Them on A Meaningful Scavenger Hunt

Create a mini scavenger hunt for your loved one that takes them to some of your favorite places, or areas where you had some of your best memories. Make little love notes to guide them on their journey and reward their efforts with little gifts such as a playlist of your favorite songs, or one of their favorite flowers. It is crucial to remember that the gifts don’t have to be large or expensive and the real gift is showing your loved one how much each of these little moments meant to you.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Whether you are a seasoned dancer who likes to strut their stuff in public, or a private dancer who prefers the dancing in front of the mirror, inviting your loved one for a night of dancing is not only fun but incredibly romantic and intimate. If you are not as comfortable with public dancing, create a playlist at home, turn down the lights, put on your Sunday best and ask your loved one for the honor of a dance.

Create a Personalized Romantic Box for Your Loved One

Put in love notes memorabilia, and anything you can think of that reminds you of your love for them. Also, add some things that you know are their favorites. Sometimes knowing your loved one understands what you like can be romantic itself. Put all the items in a decorative box and set it in a place where they can stumble upon it and unlock the treasures inside.

Surprise Them With the Gift of a Romantic Cruise

Nothing says romance more than a scenic cruise along the lake with music and spectacular views. Give your loved one a romantic excursion to look forward to by giving them a gift card for Paradise Charter Cruises that they can use when the warm weather hits.

Show your loved one how much you care without breaking your budget by trying the few cost-friendly valentine suggestions listed above. Remember Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved one how much they mean to you and saying “I love you” in a way they will never forget.