The holiday season is just around the corner. If you are thinking of your gift giving list, you may be thinking it is time to get a little more creative. After all, how many t-shirts and ties can your friends and family really use? Thankfully, there are many creative options to consider that will make your gift both beneficial and memorial. Here are some to consider.

Offer a Monthly Box Subscription Service

These days you can get a box subscription to everything from fashion to dog treats. Choose something that is of interest to your recipient, then sign them up for a monthly gift box subscription. Most services allow you to choose a partial year, if a full year is out of the budget. With this gift, the recipient will enjoy a new item delivered every month right to their doorstep.

Give the Gift of Time Together

From your parents and kids to your best friend or significant other, sometimes the best gift is time together. Buy a gift certificate to the movies or your favorite restaurant, and give it with the caveat that it has to be used together – so the two of you can go out on a date. You will give a meaningful gift and get the chance to make memories at the same time.

Give the Gift of Learning

Has your friend or loved one always wanted to learn a new instrument or sport skill? Instead of giving a physical gift, give the gift of lessons. You just might give your friend or loved one the tool to spark a new passion, and the gift’s recipient will remember the gift for a long time while enjoying the newly learned skill.

Send Them on a Cruise

Sure, it may be cold now, but it won’t stay cold forever. Why not send the recipient of your holiday gift on a cruise? You may be thinking that a cruise is out of the budget, but not when you live near a river. A river dinner cruise is an affordable and impressive gift. You can buy a gift card to Twin Cities Cruises for a public river cruise or private cruise, and then the recipient can use it at a time that is convenient. In addition to being impressive, this is the gift that keeps giving, because the recipient is able to enjoy it long after the holiday season is over.

This holiday season, be creative in your gift giving. If you take a little time to think outside the proverbial box, you just might be the one who gives the most memorable gift. If you are considering the gift of a cruise, visit Twin Cities Cruises to purchase a gift certificate today.