Why Book Your Class Reunion On Private Charter Boat?

If you have a class reunion coming up, there is no better way to ensure everyone has a great time than to book your reunion on a boat! Class reunions generally entail a large group of people with a wide variety of interests and personalities. The key to a successful class reunion is to maximize fun, by providing each person with something that is sure to keep them entertained. Thankfully, Paradise Charter Cruises and Minneapolis Queen are able to provide a wide variety of accommodations, with fully customizable options that bring the party to life, and will keep the fun going throughout the day and night. First, here are some things to consider when planning your next class reunion:

  • What type of entertainment options do I want?
  • How much variety do I want in the entertainment provided?
  • What kind of dining experience should be provided?
  • Where do I want the reunion to be held?

Anyone planning a class reunion has to deal with a myriad of entertainment and dining options, as well as the logistics of getting attendees between each activity. A private charter cruise provides the best and most flexible answers to these questions. And no matter what your specific class reunion needs are, being on a luxurious boat surrounded by gorgeous scenery will be sure to take your event to the next level. Here are some ways that being on one of our boats will bring your class reunion to life!

1.Dine in Luxury, Always with a Great View

Our boats come equipped with dining areas and a buffet, meaning you and your classmates can dine out in style. As you travel down the Mississippi River or along Lake Minnetonka with Paradise Charter Cruises, your dining accommodations travel with you, meaning once your cruise begins, you won’t have to worry about where your party is going to eat, or how to get them there. Not only that, but the floor to ceiling windows on the cruise ships allow for spectacular views of the gorgeous surroundings. Give your class reunion a luxury dining experience that takes the logistical hassle out of bringing fun activities and high-class dining together.

2. Dance the Night Away

A great class reunion is all about recreating those fun, nostalgic moments in the present day. Nothing says prom like a dance floor, and on a cruise boat your reunion will have an awesome place to boogie down. Paradise Charter Cruises has dance areas available for parties, and comes equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems that will get any dance party started. On top of that, your private charter cruise can come with DJs or live musicians, just a few of the many entertainment options available. As dancing is usually one of centerpiece activities of any class reunion, bring style to your reunion by having the best dance party options available for your guests.

Class Reunion Cruise

3. You Won’t Have to Relive Your High School Gym Class

Too often high school reunions are booked in school gyms, definitely not the best place for a party ambiance. If not in high school gyms, then class reunions are often held in hotel conference rooms, another bland setting that you want to avoid. With Paradise Charter Cruises, your class reunion’s settings will be anything but ordinary, with your party sailing along the photographic spectacles of either the Mississippi River or Lake Minnetonka. Our boats have both indoor and outdoor deck areas, so whatever your reunion guests’ preferences are, they are sure to be accommodated. In addition, the ample deck area space means your class reunion guests will always have enough space to be comfortable, rather than being jammed into a single gymnasium or conference room.

5 Reasons To Book Your Class Reunion On Private Charter Boat

4. Keep Every Person Entertained

When reunion guests get bored, it brings down the energy of the event and makes the proceedings less memorable for all. Your musical options include live musicians and DJs, who are great for getting people onto the dance floor. If your class reunion wants an encounter with Lady Luck, perhaps a “Casino Package” would fit the style of the reunion. Magicians are also an option, sure to add flair to any reunion event. Such a wide variety of entertainment options makes for a flexible, fun-filled class reunion event that will keep all reunion guests entertained.

5. River Water Won’t Be the Only Thing Flowing

Along with the dining options aboard a cruise boat, bar options on the upper and lower deck areas means drinks are accessible to your class reunion no matter where they are on the boat. With the drinks a-pourin’ and the river water flowin’, a good time for your class reunion is guaranteed. Enjoy the generous space available to you and your guests while onboard, without having to worry about moving around to get your drinks refilled.


Paradise Charter Cruises is a great option for those looking at cruises for their class reunion, offering a wide variety of entertainment options for every type of person and their interests. Paradise Charter Cruises provides flexibility in all of our cruise options, allowing you to pick the cruise package that fits around budgets. Our Flagship yacht, the Paradise Lady, can accommodate up to 145 passengers, making it great for larger groups. Whether for a class reunion or another event, at Paradise Charter Cruises, we have a fleet of cruise ships equipped with features that cater to the needs of any gathering or ceremony. For more information, you can let us know the specifics of your event here, and we will be happy to assisting in making your class reunion as memorable as possible.