Planning a company event is fun, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Choosing a venue, planning the guest list, selecting a menu and crafting the perfect party favors … it’s a lot to plan, and that’s before you even start to book vendors and send out the invitations.

Why not start with the first item on the list? Once you get the venue, after all, everything else tends to fall into place. For this event, go for something truly special and book your party on a boat. You can either combine your event with a public cruise to save money, or rent out the entire ship for the most intimate experience possible.

Get ready to bond with teammates and bosses alike! Not quite convinced? No worries; here are five reasons to book your next event on a boat.

1. The Scenery Is Unbelievable

Forget hotel ballrooms and restaurant courtyards. The scenery from a boat simply can’t be beat. Whether it’s spring blossoms on display, starry summer nights or the bright flame-colored leaves of fall, you won’t lack for color and charm. Wow your guests with a truly memorable experience by taking them out on a lake or river for beautiful views and grand times.

2. Boats Offer Lots of Venues

The best thing about a boat is that it’s not actually one venue; it’s many. From the cabin to the bow to wraparound decks, you have plenty of places to give speeches, play games, serve food and mingle. It’s easy to plan several stages of the evening when you have so many different options for both scenery and feel.

3. It’s Easy to Serve an Awesome Meal

Caterers are used to working on boats, so don’t worry about whether you can throw the party of your dreams on the water. In fact, boats make catering easy, because you don’t have to worry about where to park trucks outside your party, and the galley is always close to the dining room. The real question is: What are you going to put on the menu?

4. Boats Are Super Spacious

The best thing about booking a private yacht for the night is how much room you have at your disposal. Public spaces are perfect for partygoers, while nooks provide a perfect venue for important meetings that take place at once-a-year corporate events. Plus, you’ll have tons of space to keep the cake, decorate and dance. Because what’s a celebration without dancing?

5. No One Can Leave the Party!

Kidding. Obviously no one would want to leave your party, but hey, this ensures your numbers stay up the whole event through! More to the point, because the only people on the boat are your guests (or guests at other select parties in some cases), you can preserve that intimate feel the entire cruise. That’s not a guarantee you’ll get at all venues, so it’s worth a lot.

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