As a business owner, you need to find creative ways to build those relationships that keep your business afloat. From your crucial customer to the vendors that help you be successful, only with strong relationships can you build a successful business. One way in which you can build those relationships is to reward the people who make your business successful. Here are some ways you can work rewards into your business to make your people feel loyal and supportive of your business endeavors.

1. Use Rewards as Team Building Incentives

Do your employees roll their eyes when you announce a team-building event? As a business owner, you understand the importance of these activities. After all, your team needs to work well together if your business will be successful. Yet your employees may balk at this change in routine. How can you encourage them to commit to the team building tasks that you have for them? One way is with rewards.

Consider a common scenario. You have scheduled a team-building event in an attempt to build relationships and rapport among your employees. When you announce it, they respond with frustration. However, instead of simply telling them it’s mandatory and moving on with your day, you announce that all who successfully participate in the activities will be eligible for a team dinner cruise, paid for by your company. Suddenly, you have much more interest in the event, and you will soon have a team that works together like a well-oiled machine.

2. Provide Loyal Customers with Incentives and Rewards

York customers and clients are also critical to your team’s success. Find ways to reward your most loyal customers, and build increased loyalty in the process.

Customer rewards do not have to be large, but they should be something of value. Give your customers some type of loyalty card, then when they reach the end they will earn a valuable branded item, such as a t-shirt, hat or water bottle. You can also reward them with a discount on a future service. If your business model is not one that allows for a punch or loyalty card, consider rewarding customers who spend a certain amount on your products or services.

3. Reward Those who Refer Business to You

Customers, vendors and even professional colleagues can all refer new business to you. This behavior is something you want to encourage, so make sure you reward people for their referrals. Announce your referral program to all you do business with, and make it easy to have them claim their reward if they have earned one.

Here is a scenario. When you are running a service business, word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most effective ways for you to grow your company. If you offer your satisfied customers a fun gift for referrals, they are likely going to share your business with their friends and family. When someone gets a recommendation from someone they know, they are more likely to call you when they need service.

4. Say “Thank You” to Trusted Vendors with a Reward

Customers and employees make your business successful, but so do good vendors. When you rely on someone else to deliver the products or services your business needs, you want to build solid relationships with them. Use rewards to thank your vendors for the way they help your business. By keeping your vendors satisfied, you can build a positive rapport. As a result, you can expect on-time deliveries and even greater customer service, which will then help you continue to grow your own business.

5. Reward Exceptional Employees for Their Service

Rewards don’t just help you with team building. If you have employees that go above and beyond, consider rewarding them. Make the rewards equal to the amount of work and effort the employees put in, and consider crafting a rewards structure that everyone can attain. This will keep your employees working hard every day as they strive to reach a reward level.

6. Create an Incentive for Top Salespeople

If your business relies on sales professionals, you need to motivate them. Rewards can be a strong motivator. In addition to the commissions your sales team can earn, consider structuring an incentive program that will reward them for their success. Create different tiers, so each sales employee can attain a level of reward, but make the top tier something worth striving for. While sales professionals who attain lower level tiers may receive a promotional item or two, those who exceed your expectations can be rewarded with a dinner cruise or other type of entertainment.

As you can see, there are many ways you can build relationships through rewards programs. By rewarding those who make your business successful, your business relationships will be stronger, and your business will grow as a result. Start thinking outside the box, and start rewarding the people who help your business succeed today. if you are looking for a highly motivating reward option, consider booking a cruise with Paradise Charter Cruises, and using that as the basis for your next incentive and reward.