What type of party planner are you? Do you immediately jump at the chance to host any party? Or does panic and fear set when it is “your turn” to host the family get-together or plan the company party? Either way, these party planning tips can help. Here are our top tips for party hosting.


You may have already learned this one the hard way, but it can be difficult to invite everyone you know to a single party. Really think about the theme or purpose for your party and who you would like to invite. If you do invite everyone you know, take extra care to introduce people who may not know anyone or your quieter friends who are not as outgoing. Try to make sure everyone knows at least one person and has someone to talk to. Having said that, you don’t want to spend your whole time making sure everyone else has a good time, so let other people help you. When invited, many people do ask how they can help or what they can bring, so take them up on their offers. Have them help you introduce people to each other, or have them bring a side dish or help you ahead of time with party prep.

Set Expectations

Setting expectations for your party is key. If it is an adult party, let everyone know that kids are not invited this time. If you do invite kids, make sure they have their own little area or activities. In particular, make sure there is a seated area where they can eat; this will avoid lots of spills and accidents.

Most people want to make sure they are dressed appropriately. Certain themes, like a beach theme or costume party, are no-brainers, but otherwise, tell people (on the invitation) whether the dress is casual, business casual, formal or black tie. There’s no more embarrassing moment than showing up in cargo shorts to a black tie event, so let your guests know.


Every party needs food. While you certainly don’t have to serve a full five course dinner, having some little nibbles is key. Really, no matter what type of party you are hosting, be sure to include food. Also, think about the layout of your party. Where do you want people to mainly congregate? Be sure to put the food there!

Keep It Simple

When you get right down to it, people just enjoy spending time together, so don’t overdo it on the decorations or activities. Too many activities can interfere with people having a good time, so feel free to skip them, unless activities are the whole point of your themed party. If you do have a theme, try to do something original, and not the typical themes that everyone else has done a thousand times. How about this? Have your party in a fabulous location. Why not host a party somewhere really unique, like on one of our boats?

Try to do one thing well –- food, decorations or drinks -– and let everything else slide. Small details make a big impact; fresh flowers or cute balloon bouquets are easy and definitely get noticed. Think about using paper products. There are so many beautiful plates, napkins and cup designs these days, and paper products make clean up a breeze.

Just Have Fun

As the host or hostess, you put a lot of effort into the party planning. Once people arrive, just enjoy the party. Your work is done. If your party is on one of our private charter boats, leave the driving and the party details to us at Twin Cities Cruises. We’ll make it easy and stress-free, and your guests will be talking about your great party for years to come.