As an HR manager, one of your primary goals is to find ways to keep your employees excited about working with your company. You know that an energized workforce is a productive workforce, and the more you can do to create a positive energy around the workplace, the better your overall success will be.

One way in which to generate this positive vibe and create a workplace where your company is by using company incentives. Why should you invest time and energy in offering incentives to your team? Here are some benefits you will notice:

  • Worker satisfactionIncentives can help keep people satisfied in their jobs. If you are looking to increase retention and make people glad that they work for you, then you need a good incentives program. People like to feel appreciated and valued for their contribution to the company.
  • Better worker outputPeople who know a reward is coming are going to put out their best effort. They are going to work hard to support you and your goals, and this brings greater success to the company overall. Some incentive programs, which have incentives employees work to attain after a specific level of success, can actually encourage workers to do more than they normally do.
  • Increased company morale A positive work environment is crucial for your company’s success, and incentives can help boost overall morale. If you’re noticing shoulders slumping and poor attitudes developing, it’s time to start thinking about an incentive you can toss out there.
  • Improved retention and loyalty You want to keep your best workers, and incentives are a great way to ensure they stick with you, rather than shopping the competition. Your incentives will show your employees that they are valued for their contributions.

Are you looking for these types of benefits? If so, then it’s time to start thinking about incentives. If you’re already using an incentives program, then it’s time to get creative about what you include with your offerings.

Company Outings Provide Great Benefit to Your Entire Team

You likely already know about the common types of incentives. Gifts, compensation and even verbal accolades are all great, and they should be used in the appropriate times. However, if used too often, these incentives can be problematic, because you will have certain employees that seem as though they are the only ones who are the top achievers, even when everyone is working hard. In addition, you may already invest in individual incentives, yet want a way to provide incentives to your group as a whole. Maybe you want to buoy the spirits of the entire team, rather than just the select “high performance” individuals.

Employees Enjoying their Boat Cruise Outing | Paradise Character Cruises - Minneapolis, MN

In this case, a corporate or company outing is an excellent choice. A company outing provides a chance for your team to reconnect on a social field, rather than a professional one, so they can build friendships and relationships with each other. It also provides you with an incentive that everyone can attain. Whether you offer it to everyone out of good will or create a program where they earn a spot on the outing, you can structure this particular incentive so that it is possible for all of your team members to achieve it.

Of course, a company incentive outing is costly, so you want to know that there will be a reward for your investment. By giving your team a company-wide incentive outing, you can:

  • Recharge your team as a group, allowing them to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Increase your employees’ engagement, and therefore your overall success.
  • Improve your overall branding when others see your team out in the community.
  • Allow a platform to break down walls across departments.
  • Give new employees a chance to feel more successful and connected.
  • Increase productivity by giving employees’ brains a rest.

Are you looking for a way to keep your team connected and increase relaxation across the board? Then it’s time to consider your own company outing.

You now understand the benefits of company outings and incentives programs, and maybe you’ve even been sold on the need to invest in one yourself. Now all you need is to find the right one. With everything from paintball corporate events to weekend retreats with trapeze trust exercises, choosing the right activity for your group can be overwhelming.

If you are looking for a corporate event that is something everyone can handle, will not make your employees feel uncomfortable and your team has a chance to connect organically, then consider a cruise. Whether for a couple of hours or a couple of days, a cruise will help you increase engagement, connection and productivity in your team.

A cruise makes the ideal company activity because of the way it is structured. On a cruise, your team is relegated to one boat, where they have the benefit of spending a large amount of time with their coworkers. While the beautiful scenery rolls by and occasional entertainment by the cruise staff can take some attention, the cruise will provide sufficient time for socializing and building comrade free from outside distractions.

On your company cruise, you will have access to all of the amenities of the cruise ship. This self-contained environment has kitchen facilities, meeting rooms and audio-visual equipment. It may even have recreational opportunities for those times when your team is looking for something to do other than watch the scenery. This can help make the most out of your budget, because everything you need is included in the price of your cruise.

A cruise is something that has universal appeal. It does not require a daredevil personality to enjoy, nor does it push the shyer members of your team to perform in public. It does not require athletic fortitude either, so everyone will be excited about it.

Finally, a cruise takes a lot of the planning off of your shoulders. On a cruise, your team members’ needs will be met by a trained and attentive staff. From dining to safety, you won’t have to worry about anything other than choosing the date and time.

Company Cruises Are Not Just for Coastal Companies

Maybe you’re thinking that, while a cruise is nice, you just don’t have the resources to send your entire team to the coast for a cruise. This is a legitimate concern, especially for those companies located in the Midwest. The good news is that the Midwest has a major waterway running right through the middle – the Mississippi River. Branching off of the river are multiple tributaries, and the Midwest is also dotted with a number of large lakes. Both the river and the lakes make the perfect setting for your corporate cruise.

Teams Relaxing out on the Water Together | Paradise Character Cruises - Minneapolis, MN

With a river or lake cruise, you can book a charter ship with an elegant dining room and meeting room for your event. From an elegant meal served on the water to time standing at the deck of the ship watching the scenery and sunset, your team will have the chance to relax and reconnect in a low-pressure environment, while attentive staff takes care of all of the details for you. If you want to get a little work done while you’re on the ship, audio-visual equipment is available on most ships as well.

Are you looking to incentives your workforce? Do you want to show your team how much you appreciate them? Book your river or lake corporate cruise today!